République Tunisienne
Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche Scientifique 
Université de Carthage

1) Valorization of Pet-Al Composite Obtained From Packaging Waste in Basic Conditions
Aymen Souilhi, Rym Abidi
Research Square (2021), https://doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-339282/v1

2) A short review on the silylated clays-polymer nanocomposites: synthesis, properties and applications
Hamed Abbassi, Rym Abidi, Memia Benna-Zayani
Journal Marocain de Chimie Hétérocyclique, 20(2) (2021) 117-134.

3) Vicens’ achievements in calixdendrimer chemistry
Athar Karafi, Yang Kim, Malika Trabelsi-Ayadi, Ezzedine Srasra, Lassaad Baklouti, Abdelwaheb Hamdi, Besma Mellah
Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry (2021)

4) Synthesis, structural characterization and luminescence properties of new
Na0.3-xNdxAl0.3Si0.7O2 ceramics for optical applications
Massoud Kahlaoui, Mohammed Benmohamed, Inocencio Rafael Martin, Ahmed Souamti, Chaabane Chefi
Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 13 (2021) 1181-1190.

5) Anticorrosion Inhibition Behavior of Rhus Pentaphylla Fruit Extracts in (1 M) HCl against Carbon Steel and their Chemical Characterization using HPLC-MS-ESI
Hajer Fadhil, Farouk Mraihi, Daoiya Zouied, Malika Trabelsi-Ayadi, Jamila Kalthoum Cherif
Chemistry select, 6 (21) (2021) 5281-5289.

6) Low-Valent Calix[4]arene Glycoconjugates Based on Hydroxamic Acid Bearing Linkers as Potent Inhibitors in a Model of Ebola Virus Cis-Infection and HCMV-gB-Recombinant Glycoprotein Interaction with MDDC Cells by Blocking DC-SIGN
K. Chakroun, M. Taouai, V. Porkolab, J. Luczkowiak, R. Sommer, C. Cheneau, D. Mathiron, M. A. Ben Maaouia, S. Pilard, R. Abidi, C. Mullié, F. Fieschi, P. J. Cragg, F. Halary, R. Delgado, M. Benazza
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 64 (2021) 14332-14343.

7) A new concept of edge shrinkage, case deduced from the treatment of Pet-Al residues of post-consumed food cartons with an alkaline solution
Aymen Souilhi, Rym Abidi
Cleaner Engineering and Technology, 4 (2021) 100244.

8) Cationic Dye Degradation and Real Textile Wastewater Treatment by Heterogeneous Photo-Fenton, Using a Novel Natural Catalyst
Sirine Ben Ayed, Mohammad Azam, Saud I. Al-Resayes, Fadhila Ayari, Luigi Rizzo
Catalysts, 11 (2021) 1358.

9) Chemical and Fatty Acid Compositions of Crude and Purified Extracts Obtained from Datura innoxia Seeds Extracted with Different Solvents
Sadok Mokbli, Hassen Mohamed Sbihi, Imededdine Arbi Nehdi, Mohammad Azam, Fadhila Ayari, Moufida Romdhani-Younes, Saud Ibrahim Al-Resayes
Journal of Oleo Science, 70 (3) (2021) 321-332.

10) Synthesis and characterization of chloromethyl-calix[4]arene-grafted silylated clay nanocomposite
Hamed Abbassi, Memia Benna-Zayani, Mohamed Mezni, Rym Abidi
Journal of Nanoparticle Research volume (2021), https://doi.org/10.1007/s11051-020-05135-8

11) Elimination Study of Anionic Dye by Co-products of the Phosphate Industry: Kinetics and Thermodynamic
M. Mehnaoui, M. Hidouri, K. Boughzala.
International Research Journal of Pure & Applied Chemistry, 22(12) (2021) 12-28.